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Ex racing Greyhounds are my life, Busselton Greyhound Awareness foster and re home greyhounds straight from the racing industry. Heritage Vets has been on board since our concept about 6 years ago and we owe them so much, their time and their patience is over and beyond.

For a breed that brings its own issues they are very different to ”normal dogs” but never the less Kristina and her team will go the extra mile.

6 weeks ago on a friday night my girl Lucy was taken sick. one phone call and kristina was there. on saturday Lucy had major surgery to remove her ruptered spleen which saved her life

kristina stayed at the surgery for 2 nights with her. When we went to pick lucy up at the surgery on the sunday morning Kristina was looking to say the least exhausted.

lucy was stretched out on Kristana’s temporary bed and quite happy.

thank you Kristina and Team we reslly appreciate your total dedication.

Jacky Kemp
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